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The unique yellow spotted pattern on the grey fish gives it the look of a clear night sky and several indigenous populations throughout the tropical range of the whale shark have names for it that reflect this. In Madagascar the whale shark is called «marokintana» meaning «many stars.» In Java the whale shark also evokes the stars. They call it «geger lintang,» which means «stars in the back.».

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Now insects and potatoes don have similar make up in terms of protein, carbs etc (nobody would tell a body builder to eat a load of potatoes to gain muscle mass). But in terms of calories, you get far more by using your water to grow potatoes than to grow potatoes and feed them to the crickets. I haven looked at many others but I bet you could find other non insect vegan food sources which would easily (alone or in combination) beat crickets..

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Ionizing radiation becomes pollution if it fills a particular environment with high levels of electromagnetically charged particles or ions. The effects of ionized particles in the human body depend on how far or near the human is to the EMF source. A person who accidentally touches the electric energy power of an open electrical wire receives a surge of electric current in his body called electric shock, because he touched the nearest source..

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